Outsource your entire marketing team for the cost of one employee

Get a seasoned marketing team that will help you hit your goals, reduce your payroll costs, and give you peace of mind that you don’t have to do it all alone.

Who is this for?

Who do we help?

We help businesses, online coaches, and entrepreneurs outsource their entire marketing team so they can focus on growing and happily running their businesses.

If you are currently overwhelmed with all the pieces you have to create and put together in order to successfully market your business, let’s chat.

If you are looking to grow your marketing team but costs are an issue, we are the perfect fit to provide an entire marketing team within your budget.

We integrate easily with your company and help you achieve the goals you have set your eyes on.

Ok, so how do I set this up for me?


We first do a marketing audit of your business to understand your tech stack, ideal markets, competitors, products, and revenue goals.

Then we easily integrate our team into yours while also bringing fresh and new ideas to better your marketing efforts.

We will recommend a new tech stack, but ultimately our team will work with what you feel most comfortable with but also allows us to hit our KPIs.

From there we will set the goals for the team for the next 90 days and get to work.

No long onboarding process. Just a plug-and-play expert team ready to crush it for you.

Let’s talk costs.

What do we charge

Currently a small 5-person in-house marketing team in the US cost north of $20K/month.

By using the power of the internet, networking, and remote workers we are able to offer marketing teams that range from $3k – $10k+ per month.

This allows you to save on costs and utilize the extra budget now available to run ads, hire influencers, save for a rainy day, etc.

The very first time we work together, we will sign a 3-month contract. After 90 days, we shall assess how we did and, if both parties agree, sign another contract for 3,6, or 12 months.

Don’t Take Our Word. Listen to what our customers say about us…

Would this help someone like me?

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I’m interested, but I still have some questions…

Great! Here are our most common questions answered

When should you outsource a marketing team?

When you outsource your marketing, you are free to do what you do best: grow your business. End the frustration of having to manage multiple people who never talk to each other, cost more than they produce, and let a professional team of marketing experts run your marketing program. We do marketing so you can do business!

Whar marketing roles do you cover?

To put it simply, all and any that you need. The most common roles are the following:

– CMO, Creative Director, Media Buyer, Copywriter, Marketing Analyst, SEO Specialist, Web Designer, Graphic Designer, Video Editor, Software Engineer or Developer, etc…

How do you messure the ROI of the maketing team?

We’re committed to delivering tangible results. If we didn’t, then there would be no reason for any of our clients! In fact, not only do we have ways in which you can measure every marketing strategy that is put into place; but also ROI measurement tools as well – so when it comes time for your next big decision (whether its client satisfaction initiatives or cross-marketing services), make sure all potential outcomes get matched up properly with data and metrics before making anything final.

Why does my business need an outsourced marketing team?

So you can maintain market share and continue to grow. We want you to be out there generating new clients and creating new opportunities, not lost in the details of planning and implementing your own marketing program. Do what you do best and let us help you grow!

How much do you charge for an initial discussion?

We are always happy to talk with you about your marketing needs. We never charge for consultations, and like you, we want the client that’s the right fit for UNM’s outsourced services! You can contact us by scheduling a free no-obligation call at any time through email or phone ( whichever works best).

What size of companies do you work with?

UNM works with a variety of clients. From medium-sized firms to solo practitioners, UNM has a scalable, affordable solution to serve as your outsourced marketing department. We are extremely effective at serving as your outsourced marketing department if you have 1 employee, 10 employees, or even 50 employees. Outsourced marketing works.